The world has never seen a “trifecta” of ongoing disease, political upheaval and famine concentrated on one continent in such extremity as it has in Sub-Saharan Africa over the last generation. Despite billions of dollars of aid and development poured into the continent, a compelling case can be made that Africa is no better off, perhaps even worse. Or is it, really? Through the power of compelling pictures and gripping first-person narrative, Testimony Africa shows the full truth of Africa’s most severe poverty through the first person stories of three young Africans and the hope that is surfacing in their lives to change the world around them — and Africa herself.This is the remarkable story of three ordinary Africans struggling against AIDS, genocide, and hunger, all while portraying the hope they have for their lives and the world around them through the miracle of transformational development. For the last year, I have been writing this book and am in Taos the rest of this week working on it. I will post regular updates on how the work is coming, when and by whom it will be published, and how you can get it. Stay tuned, and visit the Testimony:Africa web site for more information.


~ by seansheridan on April 7, 2009.

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  1. […] since I had seen him (and taken a photograph of him that made its way into Smithsonian Magazine (see “Testimony Africa,” which is now at the printer and will be ready in September. Mor… Here is a slide-show of some of the photographs. The full Casting Crowns movie will be ready in mid […]

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